Our team always works to put your vision and well-being first. We use the latest technology to diagnose your eye-related condition. Whether you need lasik,  dry eye treatment, cataract surgery, retina treatment, Botox or a soft facial lift, we can help you. We pride ourselves with delivering the highest quality of care to our patients, both in terms of diagnosis and treatment. We offer the broadest range of treatment that go far beyond standard eye surgery and we build relationships with our patients to ensure effective ongoing treatment.

Certificate for being accredited dry eye center. Certified Tearlab
PVSC is an accredited Dry eye centre of excellence

Our Services

If it seems that you cannot see well or that your eyes do not look or feel well, it is important to call us. We can diagnose the cause of your discomfort. We offer a wide range of eye-related services such as full eye exams, eye screenings for glaucoma and retinal disease, eye treatment, medical, lasers and surgical intra-ocular injections for retinal diseases, Botox, fillers and plastics, Cataract surgery, and laser vision correction.


Top of The Line Equipment

PVSC has acquired the best diagnostic and surgical machines to take care of your eye problems safely and effectively. For example, we acquired, in 2014, the iLASIK suite to bladeless Laser vision correction and the Catalys Precision system for doing the Laser Cataract Surgery.

Bilateral Simultaneous Surgeries

For many years, our practice has been doing bilateral simultaneous cataract, retina, and laser surgeries. This is very convenient for patients. We take every precaution to avoid bilateral complications-one risk of doing both eyes at the same time.

Painless Procedures

Dr. Youssef has been commended by all his patients for doing painless procedures, cataracts, and intra-ocular injections.


Our office system was organized and designed to be a “one-stop shop”. This maximum efficiency will save you multiple trips to our centre.

Least Complications

Dr. Youssef is known for his low complication rate in all ocular procedures and one of the lowest complication rates worldwide.

Shortest Waiting list

Our surgeon and centre has the shortest waiting list for surgeries, thanks to the efficiency and organization skills that resulted in more surgeries done in a day.​

Extensive Experience

As of 2020, our surgeon has successfully operated over 17,300 cataract and refractive procedures and given over 50,000 intra-ocular injections with excellent results.

Consult, Testing, Surgery and Follow-Up On the Same Day

Your time as well as your vision is important to us. Our mission is to be as efficient and productive as possible. Situation permitting and if you would like, we will try to schedule you for the consult and testing in the morning and the surgery in the afternoon of the same day. The follow up for the surgery can be done shortly after the surgery on the same day.

Our Team

Nahid, Kelly, Dr. Youssef, Irene and Mattea
OUR EXTENDED EYECARE TEAM (Cornwall Optometry and Ophthalmology Teams)